Case Study

Recruitment App With An Innovative Touch

A client approached our company with a request to develop a mobile application that would help recruiters find suitable candidates for their job vacancies. The app was designed to show recruiters the elevator pitches uploaded by users in the app. The objective was to enable recruiters to screen candidates by viewing their elevator pitches and connecting with them through the app's chat messaging system.

The App DesignersThe App DesignersThe App Designers

What Was New And Challenging About It?

The elevator pitches feature was asked to incorporate into the app. This feature was crucial as it enables recruiters to quickly evaluate a user's potential fit for a job without having to read through lengthy resumes or cover letters. Recruiters can easily browse through elevator pitches and shortlist the candidates they are interested in, which can help streamline the hiring process and save time for both parties. By incorporating this feature into the app, users can showcase their personality and communication skills in addition to their qualifications and experience, which can help them stand out from other candidates.

The Must-Have Project Objectives To Incorporate

The primary goal of the project was to create a mobile application that would have the following features:
Create Profile:

Users would create their profile by providing complete details of their education and work experience, along with a short video as their elevator pitch.

Recruiter's Interface:

The app would show recruiters the elevator pitches uploaded by users in the app, allowing them to discover talented individuals quickly.

Chat Messaging:

Recruiters and users would be able to chat within the app to discuss details further.

Search Jobs:

Users can search for available job opportunities in the app and apply for them directly.

It Was Tricky Though, We Did It

The challenge in developing this app was incorporating 'View Elevator Pitches,' which refers to the feature of the app that allows recruiters to view short videos and elevator pitches uploaded by the users. The elevator pitches are essentially brief presentations in which the user introduces themselves, their skills, and their work experience in a concise and engaging manner.

To overcome the challenges, our team followed a collaborative approach to the project. We worked closely with the client to identify their requirements and goals for the app. We conducted extensive research on the latest trends and technologies in the recruitment industry to determine the best strategies for the app's development. We used React Native, a cross-platform development framework, to create the app's user interface, providing a seamless user experience across Android and iOS platforms. We also developed a robust chat messaging system that enabled recruiters and users to communicate effectively within the app. The admin panel was fully customizable, allowing the client to manage the app's content and features smoothly.

The Client Was More Than Happy With The Results

The end result was a user-friendly and effective app that helped recruiters discover talented individuals quickly and efficiently. The app's customizable admin panel made it easy for the client to manage its content and features. At the same time, the notification and reminder system kept users informed about job opportunities and application deadlines. We successfully developed a talent finder app that enabled recruiters to locate talented professionals effortlessly. The app's user-friendly interface, chat messaging system, customizable admin panel, and notification and reminder system made it a valuable tool for recruiters and job seekers alike. Our team's collaborative approach and use of the latest technologies and trends in the recruitment industry resulted in a successful project that met the client's objectives and expectations.


Have any questions in mind? Feel free to ask.

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How much does an app cost to develop?

Well, based on deep conversations and experience, there is no specific number that can define the cost of an application to be developed. It depends on the app itself. However, the cost of an app starts from 10,000$ to 55,000$ and more.

Which platform is best for app development, IOS or Android?

It is hard to say which is the best among IOS and Android, as both of them have their places. Developing a native app depends totally on your target audience and the platform they use. As a recommendation, it is better to develop a native app for both platforms.

Can I have a business app for my business website?

Yes, you can. It is far better to have a digital presence already. Creating your business app can result in good for both your website and app.

How can I make sure that my app is secure?

There are a lot of policies and techniques to make an app secure. Implementing proper access controls and strict password policies can make your app secure to use.