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Case Study

What Was New And Challenging About It?

The elevator pitches feature was asked to incorporate into the app. This feature was crucial as it enables recruiters to quickly evaluate a user's potential fit for a job without having to read through lengthy resumes or cover letters. Recruiters can easily browse through elevator pitches and shortlist the candidates they are interested in, which can help streamline the hiring process and save time for both parties. By incorporating this feature into the app, users can showcase their personality and communication skills in addition to their qualifications and experience, which can help them stand out from other candidates.

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The Barriers In The Face Of Challenges

During the development of the EMS Comp Cal App, we faced several challenges. One of the most significant challenges was ensuring that the app accurately tracked attendance across different shifts, as employees might work different hours on different days of the week. We also had to ensure that the app was easy to use and understand, as the users would include employees from a range of educational and technological backgrounds. Moreover, we needed to ensure that the app complied with all relevant legal requirements for workers’ compensation filing.

Rising Above Challenges With Resilience And Resourcefulness

To address the challenges, we implemented a range of strategies. First, we conducted extensive research into the best practices for attendance tracking and workers’ compensation filing, ensuring that the app would be accurate and legally compliant. We also engaged with potential users of the app to better understand their needs and concerns, which helped us to design a user-friendly interface. Additionally, we incorporated advanced algorithms to ensure that the app accurately tracked attendance across different shifts and that it was customizable to fit different workplace setups.

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Implementation Through A Solutions-Focused Mindset

We developed the EMS Comp Cal App using the latest software development tools and technologies, including Python, Java, and Swift. We used an agile development approach, which allowed us to continually iterate and improve the app in response to user feedback. We also integrated the app with existing HR and payroll systems, ensuring seamless data transfer between systems.

The App DesignersThe App DesignersThe App Designers
The Final Result

The EMS Comp Cal App has been a significant success for our client, providing an easy and accurate way to track employee attendance and file workers’ compensation claims. The app has been widely adopted by employees and employers, and it has helped to reduce errors and confusion in the scheduling process.


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How much does an app cost to develop?

Well, based on deep conversations and experience, there is no specific number that can define the cost of an application to be developed. It depends on the app itself. However, the cost of an app starts from 10,000$ to 55,000$ and more.

Which platform is best for app development, IOS or Android?

It is hard to say which is the best among IOS and Android, as both of them have their places. Developing a native app depends totally on your target audience and the platform they use. As a recommendation, it is better to develop a native app for both platforms.

Can I have a business app for my business website?

Yes, you can. It is far better to have a digital presence already. Creating your business app can result in good for both your website and app.

How can I make sure that my app is secure?

There are a lot of policies and techniques to make an app secure. Implementing proper access controls and strict password policies can make your app secure to use.