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KornHole Kings

The App Designers
An Overview Of The Project

The client walked into our digital studio, intending to get a mobile game developed based on the classic lawn game cornhole. He wanted a game that would be fun, strategic, and interactive. Without wasting a second, our prominent team buckled up to get the ball rolling immediately and gathered all the requirements from the client.

The App Designers


The App Designers


The App Designers


The App Designers


The Real Challenge That Was In Front Of Us

The client's expectations for the game were too high. He wanted an application that would generate revenue streams for his business through an increased number of downloads. For The App Designer, it was nothing short of a challenge, but again, we are always looking for one to test the limit of our potential.

The App Designers

How Did The App Designer Surpass The Client's Expectations?

The game's fundamental concept was allowing players to purchase characters who could enjoy a personalized experience and hone their unique skills within the game. Also, the game needed to have a co-op mode where players could play with their friends, random opponents, or even the computer. Lastly, the game was supposed to have a dedicated inventory for characters through which players could upgrade their characters and weapons. It goes without saying that mobile gaming has gained significant strides over the years, with many gamers switching to mobile games as they offer portability and ease of access. This has resulted in saturation in the game app development industry since many app development agencies and independent developers are building mobile games. Therefore, crafting a game app that stands out in the market is a serious feat. But, with the fusion of the client's vision and our supreme expertise in game app development, we delivered excellence.

How Did We Execute The Implementation?

With the integration of 3D graphics and Artificial Intelligence, we made an application without room for improvement. Through sheer resilience, our team crafted an application suitable for the client's target audience. We incorporated interesting features that reflected sophistication and simplicity. The game's development was not exactly a cup of tea. After the splash screen display, the game introduced a login page where the users would pick a character and get immersed in the game right away. Until the project was green-lit by the esteemed client, we didn't launch it on the app stores.

The App Designers
The End Result Was Both Praise-Worthy And Lucrative

We are pleased to say that the end product perfectly aligns with the client's vision. We delivered a game enriched with incredible features that appealed to mobile game enthusiasts. Korhole is thriving on both Apple's Play Store and the Google Play Store, having garnered thousands of fans worldwide.


Have any questions in mind? Feel free to ask.

The App Designers are all ears when it comes to answering your queries and solving your problems. Feel free to reach out for any kind of guidance or discussion related to our services.

How much does an app cost to develop?

Well, based on deep conversations and experience, there is no specific number that can define the cost of an application to be developed. It depends on the app itself. However, the cost of an app starts from 10,000$ to 55,000$ and more.

Which platform is best for app development, IOS or Android?

It is hard to say which is the best among IOS and Android, as both of them have their places. Developing a native app depends totally on your target audience and the platform they use. As a recommendation, it is better to develop a native app for both platforms.

Can I have a business app for my business website?

Yes, you can. It is far better to have a digital presence already. Creating your business app can result in good for both your website and app.

How can I make sure that my app is secure?

There are a lot of policies and techniques to make an app secure. Implementing proper access controls and strict password policies can make your app secure to use.